Monday, June 15, 2009

My Puggle, Jett

Thanks for the comments Mr. Puggle! Jett is a little naughty too, she is still in the biting stage, so when my daughter has her friends or cousin come over, we end up putting her away or on her leash. Her little teeth are sharp as razors!

Still trying to get her potty trained. Any kind of freedom she gets it's potty time where ever she happens to be. I have to be with her constantly in order for her to be good, it's exhausting! I know she is still little so hopefully it will only be a few more weeks. Thank goodness for Nature's Miracle stain & odor remover! PETCO.comThere is so much info about potty training dogs, puppies, puggles, but it really is all the same stuff. Be consistent, reward and praise. Some dogs are just quicker to learn than others and I think beagles and pugs can be stubborn, so patients is a virtue, I'm not giving up on her, she is just too darn cute!

I also tried the bitter break spray, suppose to keep your pup from chewing on things. Well I sprayed a little make-up sponge and gave it to her. Now she was supposed to hate the taste and spit it out and then when applied to other things then she would not chew them because of the taste. Not exactly what happened. Jett took off with the sponge in mouth, would not give it back, I think she might of actually liked the taste, or she just liked the sponge. Anyway, it didn't work as well as I hoped. Going to keep trying though. Biting and chewing are a puppy stage I'm told and she will get past it, right?

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  1. mr. puggle has stopped chewing but it took a long time.

    may i suggest litter box training? we got him a dog litter box and use "yesterday news" litter.

    it is great for the cold bitter chicago nights. we have it set up in the laundry room. there are similar products out there.

    good luck! watch your fingers!